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In Listen to the Dawn, Podcasting on February 11, 2006 at 5:56 pm

Heather Green has a podcast interview with the two women who founded and star on Mommycast, a podcast that attracts women with children. Just listen to their story and you can understand the opportunities that are in people’s hands today. It is just amazing to me that these two women and their husbands have been able to attract of a very large audience in a very short time.

And that they have converted the audience into a nice business. An article in the Monterey Herald reports that the show attracts “hundreds of thousands of listeners a month” and has sponsorship by firms such as Dixie paper products.

The show is part of the Podshow network, a new venture that makes it easier for shows like Mommycast to quickly get going and then to attract sponsors. As the two hosts report in Heather Green’s podcast, Mommycast went into the stratosphere when Adam Curry, one of the founders of Podshow, plugged the show on his Daily Source Code podcast.

Hence the Podshow network provides a means for individuals to participate in the podcasting community.