John McCann

Are you a Big Time Content Worker?

In Content workers on April 19, 2006 at 12:01 pm

A Big Time Content Worker (BTCW) is someone who works (reads, watches, listens, creates, communicates, etc.) with content almost all of the work day.

  • If you work in a cubicle or an office or at a desk in an open work area, you are a BTCW.
  • If you travel most of the day to different locations where you primarily talk to people about their situations, you are a BTCW.
  • If your work day involves being in constant contact with customers, suppliers, partners, team members, bosses, etc., you are a BTCW.

During my academic career, I was a BTCW. I read academic literature and the major business publications, I wrote comments about what I had read, I prepared lectures and other classroom exercises, I wrote and graded exams, I prepared and conducted research projects, I wrote articles and books that described my research, I conducted classes, I consulted with managers, I made speeches, I talked with my colleagues, I participated in committees, I wrote committee reports, etc. My entire academic life was the life of a BTCW.

During my engineering career, I was a BTCW. I studied a problem, I devised a solution, I designed the mechanical devices needed for the solution, I tested it, I wrote a report about my solution and the test, I did a business analysis of the feasibility of my solution, I presented my results, I argued for the implementation of my solution, etc. I did all of this while working in an office, cubicle, laboratory, and production facility.

The more I think about white collar workers as Content Workers, I see that a large fraction of them are probably Big Time Content Workers.


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