John McCann

Why not more video production in schools?

In Video on February 17, 2006 at 2:32 pm

David Weinberger’s JOHO The Blog has a entry about a short video in which he acts. It is a very funny video about a guy trying to get customer service via the telephone. It provides a good example of the creativity of the three college students who formed the company that produced the video.

I would like to see the day when our schools and universities take video production as importantly as they take text production. Or even close to as important.

Our education system is built around people learning to read and write. First learning the mechanics of writing, then grammar, then composition, etc. As students get into middle school, they are given assignments that require them to write papers … a practice that continues throughout their formal education.

I cannot fault this standard education approach. But I do suggest that writing is only one form of communication and that video would make a great parallel approach. It’s as if our education model was frozen in place with the invention of paper and pencil. Now that cost of video production has reached very low levels, it is increasingly feasible to teach students at all grade levels to communicate via video.


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