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In Listen to the Dawn, Television on February 10, 2006 at 9:32 pm

Heather Green, a Business Week journalist, interviews bloggers and podcasters about their productions and how they are trying to make money. The interviews are turned into podcasts that are available at She recently interviewed Andrew Baron, co-founder of the Rocketboom video blog, about his daily 3 minute video show and how he is making money through advertising, eBay auctions and a deal with TiVo.

Partners Baron and Amanda Congdon produce five shows per week and distribute them from a vlogging server. Congdon co-writes the shows and is the on-screen host.

Rocketboom has fulfilled the promises of many people who have been predicting the success of short-form, lower production-value videos that appeal to niche audiences and are delivered over the Internet. The show has an audience of about 130,000 people per episode, which seems to be similar to the audience size of some cable television shows. And according to Baron, advertisers are willing to pay more for an ad on the show than for an ad on traditional television. Listen to the interview to learn why.

A New York Times article reports that Rocketboom is produced in Baron’s one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, cost about $20 per episode and could generate millions of dollar per year in revenue.
I watched a couple of Rocketboom episodes in December 05 and, although I was intrigued by the show and could see why its target audience would like it, I was not sufficiently interested to watch it again. But then I revisited the show last night and watched a dozen or so episodes. I really liked two of them, particularly the skits at the end of the news: December 28, 05 and November 29, 05.

So what we have here is two people coming together to combine their talents to participate in the new media environment in a way that will likely generate considerable wealth for each of them.

  1. […] My mind reels with thoughts about the videos that people can make with this product, if it’s even close to the Video Toaster in capabilities and performance. The dawn just got a little brighter. I would love to see dozens and dozens of Rocketboom-inspired vlogs. […]

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