John McCann

Knowledge workers own means for participation

In Early Predictions on February 3, 2006 at 3:20 pm

A recent USA Today article “Visionary writer mined the minds” by Bruce Rosenstein opens with the following statement:

Peter Drucker, who died Friday, 11 days short of his 96th birthday, was his own best advertisement for the concept of the knowledge worker, which he identified more than 40 years ago: those who work with their minds, and thus own their means of production.

Peter Drucker was fond of saying that with the advent of the personal computer, employees can own their means of production.

Said another way, knowledge workers can own their own means of participation in the sense that they can use digital technologies such as personal computers to participate in any form of work or creation that is knowledge based. It’s not just about entertainment and the media. It’s about being able to participate in any type of work that involves knowledge without being an employee of an organization. With a few thousand dollars, individuals can work out of their homes or in their favorite coffee shop without incurring the overhead expenses associated with traditional industries.


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